Members of The Regional Youth Orchestra also have
access to a variety of other enrichment opportunities

Instrument Acquisition Program

This effort is was originally intended to offset inadequate funding for instruments and music instruction at Kashmere High School and the fledgling music efforts underway at Houston area schools. The Foundation believes that every student musician should have access to an instrument for use in class, during lessons and independent practice, and when performing.

Student Musician Scholarship Program

This important activity is intended to encourage the pursuit of post-secondary education as an avenue for the further development of artistic and performance skills. The Foundation believes that deserving youth who achieve academically, demonstrate leadership, and seek opportunities for enhanced performance ability should have access to the financial resources needed to get underway.

Performance Enrichment Program

This effort provides private instruction in small group after-school sessions. The Foundation believes that such small group instruction offers repeated opportunities for mentoring by accomplished artists that contribute to character building and the molding of important life skills.

COJ Jazz Workshop and Competition

This annual workshop brings together youth nominated for participation by directors of music programs throughout Harris County who study big band theory, sound engineering, and music technology while refining their music performance skills under the direction of "master" musicians. The workshop culminates with the critique of ensemble performances. The Foundation believes that the workshop creates an atmosphere in which budding jazz artists can socialize, talk shop and nurture dreams while enhancing performance talents through critical review.