Music and fine arts—and particularly improvisational jazz—offer opportunities to motivate and provide youth with skills essential to their future roles as leaders in their chosen fields of endeavor.

The Conrad O. Johnson Music and Fine Arts Foundation offers students unique enrichment through workshops, master classes, seminars, group lessons, and performances through its Regional Youth Orchestra.

The foundation encourages students to develop the disciplines necessary for pursuit of excellence in the arts and has donated over $80,000 in scholarship support and instruments to Houston-area students.

Upcoming Events


The Conrad O. Johnson Regional Youth Orchestra is Recruiting New Members

The Conrad O. Johnson Regional Youth Orchestra has a history of rousing performances at the world famous Carnegie Hall, the New York City Jazz Festival in Lincoln Center, and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C.

We are currently seeking to expand our participant roster for what promises to be a very eventful and challenging season with many upcoming local and national performances.

Rheuben Allen Musical Instruments

Rheuben Allen works with the likes of Kenny G, Everett Harp, Dave Koz, and many other great jazz musicians and is currently working with the Count Basie Estate to produce a new line of Count Basie Band Instruments.  For many, many years, Mr. Allen has donated musical instruments in support of our organization.

Mr. Allen has generously agreed to participate in a program that donates a portion of instrument purchases to our organization. It’s simple: refer a friend’s instrument purchase to his company or purchase your instrument from him online.

The buyer types “CONRAD” in the “Coupon Code” of the Checkout Cart, and 10% of the gross purchase price is donated to the Conrad O. Johnson Music & Fine Arts Foundation.  Visit to make your musical instrument purchases under this special opportunity.

The Conrad O. Johnson Music & Fine Arts Foundation has partnered with eSafeAlert - an emergency subscription service.

Emergency situations happen every minute across the America. Unfortunately, hospitals and first responders don’t have access to a contact data base in order to reach a patient’s family and friends efficiently. eSafeAlert establishes a personal safety blueprint through effective emergency contact solutions.

How it works – A person subscribes to the eSafeAlert service for each member of the family. Each subscriber will receive an emergency card and in the event of an emergency, a first responder or hospital will locate the emergency card and notify eSafeAlert of the incident. eSafeAlert will then notify the subscriber’s family and friends via text message and email to let them know what happened.

eSafeAlert has discounted their annual subscription price of $79.99 for all friends of the Conrad O. Johnson Music & Fine Arts Foundation to $39. eSafeAlert will make a generous donation from a portion of the $39 annual fee to the Foundation, creating a perpetual cash flow for us.

Please go to to sign up for the service and support the Conrad O. Johnson Music &Fine Arts Foundation.